I'm Jeremy Wise -AKA @fpldoodles1

an artist, illustrator and cartoonist with a burning desire to report the world through a distorted, and often surreal, lens. 

I was doodling from an incredibly early age. Drawing with on everything. Walls, doors, or paper. You name it, there was probably a delicately etched, or scribbled, Jeremy wise original!

Much of my influence at that time came from the many comics that I read (Beano, Dandy, Giles) and the endless cartoons that I watched on TV (Danger Mouse, Captain Cave Man, Hong Kong Fuey).

Jem Interests 2.png

As I got older and discovered music, I became inspired by the art on my album covers. I was a huge fan of the artwork displayed on the Iron Maiden albums covers and on the cover of Pinks Floyd's The Wall… Pink Floyd's’ album introduced me to the unique drawing style of my hero Gerald Scarf.

Obviously, It was natural progression that I ended up at art school, where I became mostly inspired by illustration-based artists that were painting the world in a curious perspective. One artist in particular, whose work greatly inspired me, was that of Ian Pollock. I simply love the way that Ian Pollock's art is often centered around a person, or a scene, whilst applying a darkly distorted undertone to the overal vista. His style influenced me throughout my art school days and could be seen within much of my art.

Today my work is inspired by curious people and events that have an impact on our lives. I take great pleasure in capturing a vista, sticking it through the Jeremy Wise makeover machine and then popping it out the other end in an intriguing,  tongue-in-cheek manner.



I work under the title of Jeremy Wise AKA @fpldoodles1. In addition to producing my own illustrative work I will often take on personal commissions for portraiture – from family portraits to birthday cards and social media profile pictures. I also accept regular commissions producing bespoke art for websites, bloggers, podcast promotions, publications, along with bespoke art for businesses and brands.


Most recently I've secured a niche in the creation of tongue-in-cheek football cartoons (a genre of great personal interest to me) – much of this work can be found across my social media accounts, such as twitter and Instagram. These accounts have now incorporated the popular craze of fantasy football and I regularly characterise events surrounding football and the fantasy version.