I love a good challenge and as far as commissions go, I am all ears. My work is well suited to both personal and commercial commissions. My work has brought a smile to many faces and has helped to deliver, sometimes complicated, messages in a fun and engaging way.


I have taken on numerous personal commissions, that include; friend & family portraits, personal profile pictures and bespoke art for celebrations. Much of my work has ended up on personal birthday banners, birthday cards, Invites, or as framed artwork.

By popular demand I am often asked to provide bespoke art for the following (but not exhaustive of);

  • Tee Shirts & Invites for Hen & Stag Parties

  • Wedding maps and table plans

  • Special event Invites

  • Family pictures & portraits 

  • Leaving Work

  • Gift cards for Christmas and other best wishes

  • Bespoke Tee Shirts




On the corporate side my commissions have been varied – from individual business profile pictures to epic wall art - my work is created to specifically suit your goals and connect with your audience.

By popular demand I have created many profile pictures for both ‘Meet the Team’ website pages and individual profile pictures for social media - but from here your commercial projects can be scaled up, or down, to suit each individual requirement.

Also by popular demand (but not exhaustive of):

  • Business Cards (We print too!)

  • Posters (We print too!)

  • Gift Cards (We print too!)

  • Logo's 

  • Adverts

  • Charity & Promotional Illustrations

  • Wall Art (Direct to Wall or we can print)

  • Tee Shirt Designs (We print too!)

Bespoke art, or bespoke branding, can give a unique personality to your products or services - helping your brand, or a specific piece communication, to connect or engage with your customers, or colleagues.